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Private Class

& Coaching

 Private Class


You can book a 1 hour private lesson (for one or 2 people)

Using the App Zoom, we can watch you dancing live, give feedback, show, give exercises, help you when you do it & respond to all your questions.

Fees :
1 hour with Anne-Helene : 40 euros
1 hour with Bernard : 40 euros
1 hour with Anne-Helene & Bernard : 60 euros
You can pay using Paypal, we will give you a link.

1) send a video of yourself dancing
2) Tell us what you're looking for
3) We send you our feedback : videos, written explanations, exercices to practice

Option 1 :
Points 1), 2) & 3) then you work by yourself :30 euros

Option 2 :
Points 1), 2) & 3) work by yourself and then send again a video so we can check, give more feedback, you can ask more questions... so we do a second time 1), 2) & 3)
45 euros

Full Pack : 1 private + 1 coaching
- Take a one hour private class
- Work on your own
- Send us a video of your dancing, ask questions
- Receive feedback and all what you need to continue to improve

80 euros
contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.