Anne-Hélène & Bernard are professional dancers, instructors, choreographers & performers, specialized in swing & blues dancing, couple or solo dances

Anne-Helene & Bernard fell in love with Swing Dancing by the end of 1997… since there, they dance Lindy Hop, Balboa, Blues, Charleston & Jazz Roots almost every day. Because of their special background (anne Helene is a dancer since she was 7 years old in ballet, modern jazz & contemporary, when Bernard started to be a musician and a sportsman) they became quickly known nationaly, and then internationaly

They started to teach and spread their passion in 2001. From there, they have been asked to teach in international workshop all over the world: USA, Canada, Australia, New-Zealand, Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, and all over Europe : Sweden, England, Scotland, Netherland, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Slovenia, Spain, Italia, Russia, Ukrainia ... and everywhere in France !

They run their dance school in Toulouse, Studio Hop since 2001, have their own dance studio since 2003, where they teach every evening lindy hop, balboa, charleston, jazz roots blues, in a relax and fun atmosphere.
They also choregraphy during many years for their troup (the Tagada Swing Swing) who has won several times the main european troup competitions.

Anne-Helene & Bernard are also organizers of big workshop and festivals: Swing festivals since 2001, in 2002 the first Balboa festival in Europe, since 2003, the Studio hop summer camp, then the European balboa festival, the Toulouse Blues Marathon, the Battle....

They are mainly social dancers, and they rarely participate to competitions, but always do good results :
2005 & 2006 : 3rd place at International Balboa Championship, New Port Beach, California (festival : Balboa Rendez-vous)
June 2007 : 1st place at American Classic Balboa Championship in Cleveland, the biggest Balboa competition in the world, and are still the only non-american couple that have won this title.
June 2011 : 2nd place at l'American Classic Balboa Championship in Cleveland
September 2018 : 1st place at ILHC (International Lindy Hop Championship) in Washington, strictly Balboa

they are specialy known for their huge passion for the swing and the blues scenes, their musicality and unique style, the good balance in the couple. About their teaching, they have their own pedagogy, super precise, always in evolution, offering new ways of explanations, exercices and moves to make the dance easier and more confortable. Creating a super confortable atmosphere in class with a lot of humour and cheerfulness, they are very accessible and are happy to speak about the dancing and happy to dance with everybody during parties.