Anne-Helene & Bernard Music, Band

Anne-Hélène & Bernard teach together :

- lindy hop
- balboa
- blues
- routines
- technic and connection
- footwork
- musicality

- They also do full worshop on pedadogy for teachers


For solo dancing, Anne-Hélène propose full workshops :

- isolations
- jazz routines
- charleston routines
- blues routines
- funky routines
- move your arms

Solo Teaching, Bernard propose :
- Hat tricks
- jazz, charleston, blues routines...

Beeing musician, he uses when needed his guitar to explain feeling & style of blues, and to work on different technical points.

As a musician, Bernard propose different formulas for dance parties :

- blues concert blues as a duo or solo :

the blues & bones

-  Swing or blues concert with a band:

the raggedy junkers
quintet, sextet or septet, for lindy hop, balboa or blues events